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Meet the Team

Here to protect you.


Caleb Reynolds


Broker Owner

After I left the USCG. I went into the automotive industry. There I had the most enjoyment working on the service side of car dealerships. Where it felt like I was helping people. It wasn't enough.


I felt set on a mission to contribute to the betterment of humankind and I decided to leave the dealership so I could make a much larger impact. So now, I'm achieving that by enabling my clients to get the healthcare they need.


Casey Reynolds



I came to the Way Finder team after multiple careers in construction and automotive. When my brother (you know, the one on the left side of your screen) helped me see a way to help people in a greater capacity. Now, I couldn't be happier.

profile michael2_edited.jpg

Michael G Reynolds



Michael is our under 65 healthcare specialist. He knows his way around Vision, Dental, Life, Critical Illness, and Accident policies as well!.

Along with helping fellow humans understand their benefits and protect their lives - he  is also an enthusiastic musician, actor, and enjoyer of midnight-hallway-cereal.

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